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We work closely with the best coffee roasters in the UK and share our knowledge, alongside a healthy dose of passion, with you.

This enables you to give your customers a unique coffee experience, and means that the finest coffee can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Our coffee and our values​

Our passion is our coffee, and we think great coffee should be enjoyed by everyone.

With a broad range of roasts, flavours, and styles available, our goal is to give access to the finest coffee to more people and provide something to tickle every taste bud.

Take a look at our coffee below...

Your very own blend of coffee​

Boasting the capacity to create “own label” coffee products and blends, we can help you make your mark and create a lasting impression with your customers.

By discovering what makes your perfect cup, we take your favourite flavours to craft a specially curated coffee product for your café or restaurant.

Helping you personalise the experience of your establishment, your customers will keep coming back for that unique taste they can’t find anywhere else.



To find out more about the coffee services we provide, drop us an email and let’s discuss your requirements.​

A bend of the finest beans from Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala and Vietnam, giving flavours of dark chocolate with a vibrant deep body, soft acidity and a luxurious golden crema.​



Roasted using beans from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, sun dried, grown at high altitude with a sweet and smooth, orangey body and flavours of hazelnut and malted milk biscuits.​


A washed Honduran bean, with a lively yet sweet acidity and a delightful floral flavour, producing a red berry aftertaste.​


Roasted using carefully chosen, high grown arabica beans from Bazil, Columbia and Guatemala, this blend produces flavours of dark chocolate and hazelnuts with a full body and a delightful acidity.​


"We have been customers of Roseberry Coffee now for approximately 5 years. Roseberry Coffee Co continues to give exceptional customer service and nothing is ever too much trouble. The quality of the coffee speaks for itself and has been a major contributory factor in forging our identity. Eugene always adopts an innovative approach to keeping Roseberry Coffee at the forefront of industry trends and with an unwavering attention to detail in ensuring the whole product range is always of exceptional quality and value for money.​"

We are leading coffee suppliers to the North Yorkshire and North East hospitality industry.​