To put it simply, we love coffee​

Our passion for all things coffee is unrivalled. Whether it’s coffee products, coffee equipment, or simply talking coffee, we love sharing what we know with you so you can give the best coffee experience to your customers.​

Specialist coffee supplier​

At Roseberry Coffee Company, or Roseberry Coffee Co. for short, we specialise in the supply of ethically sourced coffee, high quality coffee equipment, and bespoke coffee consultancy.

Two passions are essential to our outlook - outstanding coffee and fantastic customer service - these are the two fundamentals of Roseberry Coffee Co.

But where did the business begin?

The Roseberry Coffee Co. story​

Established in 2017, Roseberry Coffee Co. is the culmination of a lifetime’s experience in the hospitality sector, and specifically, over 20 years in coffee.

Formed in the shadow of Roseberry Topping, the iconic North Yorkshire landmark, Roseberry Coffee Co. supplies the finest coffee to cafes, restaurants and the wider hospitality sector in the region. We’ve formed partnerships with the best coffee equipment manufacturers in Europe too so we can provide clients with bespoke coffee brewing equipment.

From coffee products and consultancy to barista training, advice on coffee equipment, and more, our passion for superb coffee and customer service remains the same, no matter how much Roseberry Coffee Co. grows.


We’re proud of our past, but we’re also excited for the future, which is why we’re devoted to being as sustainable as possible as a business.

Not only is our packaging recyclable but our takeaway cups are recyclable and compostable in the household waste stream and do not have to be sent to industrial recycling and composting facilities as most other “recyclable” paper cups.

We can even supply your own branded cups with a low minimum quantity of 1000.

The hope is that future generations can continue to enjoy this world as we know it now, and what’s more, enjoy fantastic coffee for centuries to come!

"Over the past 4 years of dealing with Roseberry Coffee Co. they have become an integral part of Windlebridge Tea Rooms, providing us with all our coffee and tea supplies. Our tearoom customers speak very highly of our coffee and tea drinks and the quality of the coffee has played a big part in the success of the Tea Rooms. Their service is faultless, whether that be deliveries, training, or simply good advice, we know we can rely on them."

Roseberry Coffee Company are here for all your coffee product and coffee shop equipment needs.​